Relaxation is a high priority at Camping Suasa. That is why we ensure that everything is clean, whole and safe. That you can eat and drink well and play. And we organize super fun free events. In the May and summer holidays we celebrate the seasons during the Camping Suasa Festivals.

Play & swim

Float down on the slide, swing high in the sky, make the best moves on the trampoline, balance like the best, build a bridge, make a castle in the sandbox, crawl through the willow house, take a refreshing outdoor shower or make a bomb in the swimming pool. There is plenty of room at Camping Suasa for playing, swimming and romping. View more information here. Do you want to go to the sea? In less than half an hour you are on the beach of Senigallia or Marotta!

Camping Suasa Festivals

Camping Suasa Festivals

During the Spring and Summer festival for young and old we make a program together with inspiring artists, storytellers, scientists and tastemakers.

Everything is allowed, nothing is necessary. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Camping Suasa Festival where we build, move and admire!

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Eat & Drink

Fresh and local. We cook a number of times a week for our guests. The kitchen is open between 19:00 and 21:00 and you can pick a table on the terrace. Once a week we burn the wood oven for the pizza party! Also expect fresh pasta and salads. But also pancakes. Sometimes a mystery cook comes to take care of the food, this can be a good neighbor or a distant friend.


In 2019 we built a real authentic wood-fired oven. Just like in the old days, we heat the oven once a week to 350-400 degrees for the tastiest pizza & delicious crispy bread the next morning.

Events for kids

We know how nice it is to spend time with your family, so you go on vacation. And we also know how nice it is if you have an hour for yourself or each other. That is why we offer several activities for children every week throughout the season. During the Spring and Summer Festival there are even activities that young and old can participate in every day.

Camping Suasa Programma 2020

Morning stretch

Nice and smooth throughout your vacation. Yoga, Pilates, Body balance. A morning stretch workshop is given once a week. This workshop is also fun for children, unless they prefer to run around 🙂