Holiday at Camping Suasa in 2020/2021

How nice that you (possibly) have a holiday this year at Camping Suasa! We would like to let you know how you can come to us, what measures we take as a campsite to run a Corona proof season and what life looks like in ever-beautiful Italy. We have been working hard lately to prepare everything for this special season and are happy to show our guests this beautiful place.

Camping Suasa is a small-scale campsite with lots of space and fresh air. Some of the accommodations have their own sanitary facilities. This year we will take a number of extra measures in connection with Corona, the most important being keeping a distance and extra attention to hygiene. Just like any holiday accommodation, we draw up an extensive protocol in which we describe how we deal with the COVID-19 measures imposed by the Le Marche region.

Traveling to Italy

The cabinet in the Netherlands has confirmed on 3 June 2020 that from 15 June the travel advice for Italy will be relaxed from code orange to code yellow (tourism allowed). Code yellow means that the health risks are comparable to those in the Netherlands, in any case not greater. There is no quarantine requirement and the travel insurance covers any healthcare abroad. You have to observe the safety rules of the country and especially avoid crowds. Fortunately, that is not a problem at our small-scale campsite.

Are you coming by car?
Since June 15, 2020 it is possible to drive to Italy via both Switzerland and Austria. The route via Switzerland and the Gotthard tunnel (1450 km from Utrecht) is about 30 km shorter than via Austria and the Brenner Pass. The travel time is more or less the same, more or less 15 hours. When making a stopover, we recommend doing this in Germany or Italy, which is usually cheaper than in Switzerland or Austria.

Are you flying?
Airlines are slowly but surely starting up again. For example, Ryanair will restart its flights to Italy from July 1, 2020. Easyjet will be flying back to Italy from June 15. KLM is also further expanding the number of flights and destinations in June. Transavia has decided to start flights to Italy from 4 June. The airports closest to the campsite are Ancona (45 km, via Ryanair), Perugia (90 km, via Transavia) and Bologna (200 km, several companies).

The goings on at Camping Suasa

Although our campsite is small and there is enough space for everyone, it is important to take extra measures for the safety of our guests and ourselves. The main thing is to keep a distance of at least 1 meter. We do this by, for example, only using part of the sinks. This year we also work with separate stairs for the entrance and exit to the outside terrace and the sanitary area. A dispenser with disinfectant hand gel hangs in various places. The activities always take place outside. For example, when we eat together, we will do this in the form of a picnic. You do not have to wear a mask on the campsite, where there can be kept enough distance.

Reception and reception
A week before guests arrive, we will send an email requesting some (name and address) details to be emailed to us. It is mandatory by the region of Le Marche to keep precise records of who, where and when stays in Italy. Normally we do this on arrival at the reception, but our reception is not that big and it is nice if this has already been done in advance. We do the reception at the campsite outside as much as possible.

The common areas such as the sanitary room and the playground equipment are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. For the accommodations (safari tents, bell tents, caravans) we follow the extra rules for cleaning textiles.

Swimming pool
Besides swimming by the sea, you can also take a refreshing dip in our pool. There is an outdoor shower by the pool that you can use before swimming. The water in the pool is continuously monitored for the correct values. It is also important to keep a distance in the swimming pool, except of course for family members. Fortunately, the pool is big enough for everyone and is therefore open to all guests all day long.

We work with an app that allows you to check in and out, order sandwiches, register for yoga, kids activities, etc. This also contains the contact details of restaurants and attractions in the area. This way we can avoid the lists and pens a bit :-).

We think that in this way we can offer a nice holiday spot in the ever beautiful Italy. Fortunately, we are a small-scale campsite and we have a lot of (outdoor) space.

Activities outside the campsite

If you are going outside the campsite, it is good to have at least a face mask with you (from 6 years). In many places, a mask is not necessary. In the open air, in the mountains or on the beach, a face mask is not mandatory. In many places indoors, for example in shops or in a bar. The weather is not necessary on the terrace of a bar. Many tourist attractions are open again, but not always at full capacity. We are happy to advise on special places in the region and the latest state of affairs.

Dining out
Restaurants near the campsite are open as usual. It is now necessary to book in advance and the rule of a minimum distance of 1 meter also applies, unless from the same household. Hand gel is provided at the entrance, a mouth mask is not necessary when you are sitting at the table. The control keeps an appropriate distance and does have a mouth cap on.

We work with an app in which several restaurants / pizzerias / osterias and trattorias in the area are included with contact details, so that you can easily book. We are happy to help you with that too.

The beach in Marotta and the beautiful sandy beach of Senigallia are both open as usual. The beach is accessible without a mask. On the free beach you are responsible for monitoring a distance of two meters (unless from the same household). When you rent a parasol with beds, the operators ensure that the beds are at least three meters apart. We have a good deal with a nice beach bar. Enjoy carefree sun, sea and beach all day under an umbrella on two beds for 15 euros (normally between 20 and 36 euros) less than half an hour away. Fortunately, the sea is beautiful and wonderful as always!