Who are we?

We, Dora Borst (1981) and Myron Freeling (1978), met each other in 2012. Both have been working and living in Rotterdam for years. Not much later Dora is pregnant. Our first son Qing was born in 2013. Exactly 4 years later our second son Ramses was born.

We have both worked on Rotterdam with a great deal of passion. Myron in real estate development and Dora as a cultural entrepreneur. With a 'Rock' n Roll 'mentality and' everything will be fine 'conviction, we are now continuing our adventure in Italy. Spending more time with the family, living closer to nature and building your own mini paradise is what we have in mind. An idyllic place with lots of greenery, a few animals and places to play naturally.

We would like to share this happiness so be welcome at Camping Suasa!

On December 14, 2019 our adventure was broadcast on Ik Departure. Missed the broadcast? View him back here.

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