People come and go

I once asked a manager which profession she thought would suit me best. Her answer: anime girl. Because I can have an entertaining conversation with a wide range of people and they feel good about it. At the time, I thought it was more of an insult, as if I no longer had anything in store.

Saturday evening is at Camping Suasa Pizza evening. I have a nice chat with an Italian woman who sleeps with us in a Bell tent with her husband and three children. The week before there was a Dutch family that I thought it was a shame that they were leaving, because this one too was a party to get to know. Before that there was a mother with whom I drove 30 km in the dark with an empty tank and suddenly had no reach en route and maps of course also let us down. We were on our way to a tug of war, which we reached through our collective nose for events that really attracted the entire region.

I was looking forward to the arrival of a woman with husband, dog and two cats in a VR Hymer. She emailed on the day of arrival. I could not suppress a slight disappointment.

Qing gazing into the distance, asking why Robin is no longer there. A spontaneous girl of 8 with whom he had a great time for a week.

It is a coming and going of people. The contact is intense, sincere and uncomplicated. I am curious how that will happen with 15 families. Saying goodbye, I hope it gets used to someday.

"I'm leaving" asked: is it now your ambition to clean shower drains? My answer was: if my child throws up the car because he is car sick, I also find it rancid, but can I leave it that way? No, "it comes with the job."

My animated girl skills come in handy at Camping Suasa and in the sincere contact with the guests, a lot of knowledge is exchanged, which also feeds my intellectual hunger.

X Dora

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