Annual parties at Camping Suasa

Agriturismo met kampeerplekken en yoga

It says on your iphone 'photo collage for you IN NATURE 2019.' Just like that iphone can look in your head. Myron and I are busy developing the program for Camping Suasa 2020. Themes that form the common thread are building, moving and admiring in nature.

As a child I went to the Free School. From the first moment I was fascinated by the magic of stories, candles and nature. The seasonal changes were celebrated with annual festivals. These celebrations provided structure, security and made me aware of the fact that everything is interrelated. The life lessons that are hidden in these celebrations and the warm memories make me excited to also give the year parties a place in our home and at Camping Suasa.

And then today is November 11, the anniversary of Sint Maarten. A dark period starts because the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. The acorns and leaves fall from the trees, we wipe some here. We turn more into the house and into ourselves. But inside it becomes lighter, we light the light in ourselves. We make lanterns, run pumpkins, we make light in the dark.

The story goes that Sint Maarten was actually a bit of a losbol. One day Sint Maarten rides his horse through the forest and on the way he finds a beggar. Against his habit & #8211; he uses his sword to divide his warm cloak in half and gives the beggar half.

Three life lessons are hidden in this story.
I. We can only actually share our own surplus if there is something to give. Make sure there is something to give. Don't give everything away. Be a donor and allow to be a recipient.
II. Being allowed to meet the divine within yourself. By giving something we use our heart powers. Maarten shows us that we can do something with the light (or the divine) within us.
III. Choice for a tipping point. We can change our lives, do it differently. Maarten decides not to use his sword to fight but to share. You can hook on to change something in your life at moments like this.

Living in the countryside ensures that you start living more with nature. I also allow my children to enjoy stories, candles and nature, that they playfully learn that everything is interrelated. The turning point for me today is to give more attention to the annual festivals at home. During my farewell in the Netherlands I received the book & #8220; Celebrations all year round & #8221; gift. It inspires me to celebrate and shape the parties with Myron, Qing and Ramses. For Camping Suasa we have a Spring & #8211; and developed a Summer Festival. Myron and I remain program makers and that is the light within us!

X Dora


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