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We are now open for 10 days with Camping Suasa and it is exciting and nice to receive our first guests and experience them with them all the first times. From unprecedented heat to rain that flows away half way through. Baking pizzas and outside bios. It is a challenge to find time for myself alongside mother, camping owner and now also dog owner of our new family member Mozes.

Today I went to Bologna for an afternoon with two great nieces. After a visit to Mambo and the purchase of a new lipstick I found time for myself on the train and I was inspired by the Italian woman to write a piece.

Here too, women cannot of course be skipped. There is a clear difference especially in age between the countryside and the city. In general their appearance is very stylish and well cared for, here and there a bit ordinary. The trend in footwear is flat: sandals, a sneaker or a plateau. The position of the foot is mostly flat. The fact that they are beautifully built made even the Italian bus driver look sparkling. Lace blouses, smooth-fitting viscose pants and friendly at first sight. They also chat with each other.

On the train from Bologna to Senigallia:
To my right is a woman with African roots, dreads high in a bun tail with shells, army t-shirt, and tight black shorts. Gel nails with blue glitter. Earrings with a diameter of 6 cm and a bling bling watch. She eats a late lunch from the burger king. She has three telephones, chat, watches videos of rotating asses and has FaceTime conversations in three different languages in between. A Louis Vuitton travel and handbag and clearly fake eyelashes.

Opposite me a woman in her late 50s, I estimate beautiful soft skin with fine lines and honey-blonde hair. Refined make-up but not at all natural with her fuchsia red lips and light blue eye shadow. She is wearing a striking orange blouse, including white three-quarter pants with orange flowers. A remarkable large earring in one ear of beautiful green, which gives her an artistic appearance in addition to reading a book.

Opposite to the left, a girl in her mid-twenties with iPhone ears in her ear, chewing on chewing gum and I see in an unguarded moment that she is re-attaching her tongue piercing, staring at a film on her phone. But where my gaze is constantly directed is her cleavage. She is wearing a long dress with spaghetti straps, her breasts are full but it is clear that she is not wearing a sturdy bust holder, they are relaxing in the triangle-shaped cups. As the journey progresses, the earplugs get in her way and she decides to watch the film without earplugs.

There are those who like to show what they have in house. On the beach it is no different, the non-concealing pants show a large part of the buttocks, but in a tasty way. All the buttocks look good in those pants, I want one too!

I like what I see, I like it when people do their best to dress up nicely, a bit ordinary sometimes makes it entertaining, because super styled is sometimes jealous.

A nice moment for yourself, I feel like going to the men again. But first we enjoy the beach, a dip in the sea and Aperol Spritz with Claire and associates.

X Dora

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