Welcome to Camping Suasa

How good, you found us! Hidden behind a forest in Italy in the beautiful region of Le Marche lies Camping Suasa between the hills. Here you are away from everything and almost everywhere. A combination of 'old school' camping and luxury rental of Safari tents and Bell tents.

Make a campfire, splash into it swimming pool and enjoy fresh dishes, delicious wine and the best beer on the terrace. Be surprised or sit in the sun.

I leave
Our Italian adventure was broadcast on Ik Departure on 14 December 2019. The broadcast is see here again. We also started a vlog as a result of the broadcast, the vlogs find here.

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Come recharge in Italy

Enjoy a hundred shades of green and yellow at Camping Suasa in the spring. In May and June the weather in Le Marche is lovely and you can go for it €399 been staying in Safari tent for a week.

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There is enough space at Camping Suasa to play, swim and romp. A few times a week we cook for our guests with local products and we make pizzas from our own wood oven. We know how nice it is to spend time with your family, so you go on vacation. And we also know how nice it is if you have an hour for yourself or each other. That is why we organize in high season weekly events for kids.

Our hearts are beating faster by bringing people together who want to share passions and ideas. So we organize it from 13 July to 10 August Camping Suasa Festival.

Let yourself be surprised and transported into the wonderful world of Camping Suasa where we build, move and admire!

Agriturismo camping

We are an agriturismo camping, or agricamping. You can hear birds, crickets and no cars here. The location of the campsite in the beautiful region Le Marche gives a sense of space. A part of unspoilt nature invites you to go on an adventure and at the same time offers cozy spots. We prefer to work with natural materials.

Nature and glamorous camping go hand in hand at Camping Suasa. There is a luxury safari tent ready for you with everything on and off: a wonderfully made-up comfortable bed, a kitchen unit with inventory and private sanitary. The only thing missing is you with your sunglasses on and a drink on the porch.

You can also choose one Bell tent with beds, the hotel room under the tents, but without their own sanitary facilities. For this you can use the completely new sanitary room that has five showers, four toilets. In addition, there are sinks, enough space for washing dishes and a washing machine. Wifi is available for free.